This One's Different

Sharing a passion for discovering new music, This One's Different is the project of two friends who live at opposite ends of England. Developing on from our online activities, we also produce our own limited edition zine.

We hope you enjoy it!
Lar & Dan


Courtney Barnett - Bein’ Around

The paramedic thinks i’m clever cos i play guitar, I think she’s clever cos she stops people dying… I was going to be providing respite/end of life care for poorly children but then the job offer was taken away from me because of my inability to drive. I can now make plans for spring/ summer - bought tickets to Live at Leeds where Courtney Barnett is gracing the line-up. Treated myself to tickets to see her in Sheffield too.


The Fat White Family - Touch The Leather

I haven’t been able to get enough of this SXSW version of Touch The Leather. I swear i published it a week or so back - that post has disapeared into an internet black hole.


Strangeyonder - Positive Energy

One way to find new music is to allow Soundcloud to play whatever it likes after you have been listening to your chosen track. Soundcloud keeps playing me Positive Energy and i kinda like it.


The Good Sports - Walking

I like to walk. The type of walking where you prepare by making yourself egg mayo sandwiches and you have a rough idea of where you are going to go but no idea where you are going to end up. I am an adventurer.


Bobby T. & the Slackes - See You When I Die

"Here’s a new one for ya" in the form of See You When I Die by Bobby T. & the Slackers.


Todays Hits - I Don’t Hate

This is today’s release from Today’s Hits, he is on a roll, as per usual. He is soundtracking my life and i don’t want this to end.


Fear Of Men - Outrun Me

For a relatively small town, Brighton produces more than its fair share of pretty outstanding bands and one of which is Fear Of Men.

Outrun Me is the B-side of the previously posted single Luna. It is released next month on a flexi disc (and accompanying zine) by the equally outstanding Art Is Hard, and it is followed a couple of weeks later by the band’s debut album Loom.


Dum Dum Girls - Too True To Be Good

If there’s one album I’ve had on repeat so far this year it is the latest release from the ever brilliant Dum Dum Girls. This week they played a show at SXSW festival and were joined on stage by no other than Debbie Harry. Now there’s a duet I wish I could have seen. 

Too True is out now via Sub Pop.


Rodents - Do Nothing

Here is a quick blog post before i head to work. In 22 hours i will finish work and go to Sheffield Zine Fest and i like zines. Making slow progress on Issue 3 of our zine but it will look beautiful when it is finished (in the process of graffitiing it with all things that make me happy).


Trust Fund - No Surprise

Trust Fund has slept on my sofa (i am a friend to the stars).


Tashaki Miyaki - Cool Runnings

"I see a good thing coming…" I have an interview tomorrow, a good thing better be coming. I have my pink sparkly nail varnish on especially for the occassion.


Fat White Family - Yellow Woman

Yellow Woman is the b-side to the very soon to be released Touch The Leather. Here is Yellow Woman for some Sunday evening listening.


Part Time - I Belong To You

Last night i drank lots of rum and listened to I Belong To You.


Todays Phone - Since You Said You Love Me

Being a music detective (or being close to a genius music detective) means i know Todays Phone is Todays Hits in disguise. Todays Hits and all his/ there undercover projects are the best.


Angel Olsen - Hi -Five

I don’t want to give too much away but Hi-Five starts with “I feel so lonesome i could cry”… I find lonesome an odd word because it rhymes with wholesome instead of shit. I have had the vice article “Fuck Shitty Housemates” opened in my tabs all day but i am reluctant to read it because it’ll probably make me angry and sad on behalf of younger me.

My dad loves Angel Olsen and my mum. My mum loves Angel Olsen and my dad. Dad shares all of his car journeys with Angel Olsen and mum has just introduced me to the video for Hi-Five, with second by second commentary. I know people often dont want to turn into their parents but with me it was inevitable… I think i may have developed a Angel Olsen girl crush.