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Sharing a passion for discovering new music, This One's Different is the project of two friends who live at opposite ends of England. Developing on from our online activities, we also produce our own limited edition zine.

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Just two weeks in and it has already been a memorable month of gigs. It was great to see Dutch Uncles again having not seen them live for a while. They are currently on a UK tour to promote their latest album Out Of Touch In The Wild (a great record which I highly recommend). Likewise it was a good set by The History of Apple Pie, who were showcasing songs from debut album Out Of View.

The month has also brought the NME Awards Tour, personally it has been my favourite line-up of the tour in recent years. Often with these type of tours, where there is a very diverse range of bands, not all of them can appeal but liking all four acts made it that extra bit appealing. On the opening night in Newcastle, Django Django proved any doubters wrong as to why they were headlining the bill with a great set, fully given their excellent debut album justice in a live surrounding.

Having enjoyed the first night of the tour, I jumped at the opportunity of seeing the bands two days later in Leeds. After being underwhelmed by Peace’s set in Newcastle (perhaps due to their almost total lack of soundcheck that night), they were on top form in Leeds, with a very strong opening set. Likewise, I was impressed by Miles Kane’s set, his new material sounded strong, particularly Don’t Forget Who You Are, an almost certain future single given the crowd reaction. My highlight of the Leeds leg of the tour was undoubtedly Palma Violets however. Having been fortunate enough to have seen Palmas on numerous occasions now, I think this was perhaps their most impressive set yet. Seeing them at a packed out Westgarth Social Club in Middlesbrough last November will always be a gig that lives long in the memory, however tonight on a much grander scale, their set felt like a crowning moment for the band. Their debut album 180 is released a week on Monday, alongside the much awaited releases by Johnny Marr and Theme Park, that’s going to be a day which my wallet won’t like me, but my local record shop certainly will.

You can view photos from the shows in Newcastle and Leeds here.


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