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Sharing a passion for discovering new music, This One's Different is the project of two friends who live at opposite ends of England. Developing on from our online activities, we also produce our own limited edition zine.

We hope you enjoy it!
Lar & Dan


Superfood - Superfood 

Back in November/ December i was hearing hype about this band called JUNK and couldn’t find anything about them, anywhere. Swapping between JUNK and SUPERFOOD, they have now stuck with the latter, building up hype without having anything online. They have already bagged themselves impressive support slots and festival dates, now they have introduced their long awaited first track - Superfood - to the world and as an added treat for our patience, you can get their debut track as a free download!

I was lucky enough to see them at Christmas time with PEACE and co, so i can say i have seen them live, but i drank too much over priced gin so all i can remember is having lots of fun… But having fun is important! 


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